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Welcome to the Tanner Lecture library. To access individual lectures, click on the author's name Authors with names shown in black, do not have manuscripts available. Lectures beyond 2013 have not yet been published. 

For easy viewing and printing, each lecture has been saved as a PDF (Portable Documet File). If your browser does not have the Adobe Reader, it is free and available for download from the Adobe website.



Ackerman, Bruce The Decline and Fall of the American Republic Princeton University 2010 Yale University
Adams, John Doctor Atomic and His Gadget Yale University 2009 Composer and Conductor, San Franscisco
Allen, Danielle Education and Equality Stanford 2014-15 Institute for Advanced Study
Allende, Isabel In the Hearts of Women University of Utah 2009 Chilean American Writer, San Rafael, California
Allison, Dorothy Lecture I. Mean Stories and Stubborn Girls
Lecture II. What It Means to Be Free
Stanford 2001-01  
Anderson, Elizabeth

Lecture 1: Private Government

Lecture 2: When the Market was 'Left' 

Princeton 2014-15 University of Michigan
An-Na'im, Abdullahi Ahmed Transcending Imperialism: Human Values and Global Citizenship UC Berkeley 2010 Emory Law School, Emory University
Appiah, K. Anthony Race, Culture, Identity: Misunderstood
UC San Diego 1993-94 Harvard University
Appiah, K. Anthony The State and the Shaping of Identity Cambridge 2000-01 Harvard University
Arias Sanchez, Dr. Oscar Poverty: The New International Enemy UC Berkeley 1993-94 Former President, Costa Rica
Aron, Raymond Arms Control and Peace Research Cambridge 1979-80 College De France
Ash, Timothy Garton The Direction of European History Prague 1997-98 Oxford University
Ashby, Lord The Search for an Environmental Ethic Utah 1978-79 Cambridge University
Atwood, Margaret Human Values in Age of Change Utah  2014-15 Author
Bacevich, Andrew "The American Military Encounters Islam" Stanford 2015-16 Professor Emeritus, Boston University
Baier, Annette Trust Princeton 1990-91 University of Pittsburgh

Baltimore, David

On Doing Science in the Modern World Cambridge 1991-92 Rockefeller University

Banerjee, Abhijit

"What do Economists Do?" Michigan 2015-16 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Barber, Benjamin R. Democratic Alternatives to the Mullahs and the Malls Utah 2002 University of Maryland
Barry, Brian M. Do Countries Have Moral Obligations?
The Case of World Poverty
Harvard 1980-81 University of Chicago
Bellow, Saul A Writer from Chicago Oxford 1980-81 University of Chicago
Benhabib, Seyla Reclaiming Universalism: Negotiating Republican Self-Determinism and Cosmopolitan Norms Berkeley 2004 Yale University
Bennett, Jonathan Morality and Consequences Oxford 1979-80 University of British Columbia

Bildt, Carl

Peace After War: Our Experience






Former Prime Minister, Sweden

Black, Dame Carol 

"Women: Education, Biology, Power, and Leadership"



Blom-Cooper, Louis The Penalty of Imprisonment Cambridge 1987-88 Queens College, London

Bloom, Harold


Bollinger, Lee

I. Shakespeare and the Value of Personality
I I . Shakespeare and the Value of Love


"'The Free Speech Century': A Retrospective and a Guide"
(Draft version; essay forthcoming in Vol. 39 of The Tanner Lectures on Human Values.)







Yale University

Columbia University
Bowen, William

Lecture 1: Costs and Productivity in Higher Education

Lecture 2: Prospects for an Online Fix: Can We Harness Technology in the Service of our Aspirations? 



Andrew Mellon Foundation

Boyd, Robert


Lecture 1: "Not by Brains Alone: The vital role of culture in human adaptation"

Lecture 2: "Beyond Kith and Kin: How culture transformed human cooperation"



Arizona State University

Braidotti, Rosi

Posthuman, All Too Human: The Memoirs and Aspirations of a Posthumanist
Lecture I: Memoirs of a Posthumanist
Lecture II: Aspirations of a Posthumanist
Yale 2017-18 Utrecht University

Brewster, Kingman

The Voluntary Society Cambridge 1981-82 President Emeritus, Yale University
Breyer, Stephen Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution Harvard 2004 Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court
Broome, John The Public and Private Morality of Climate Change Michigan 2011-12 Corpus Christi College
Brown, Donald D. The Impact of Modern Genetics Oxford 1983-84 Carnegie Institute of Washington
Brown, Peter Aspects of the Christianisation of the Roman World Cambridge 1993-94 Princeton University
Brown, Peter The End of the Ancient Other World: Death and Afterlife between Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages Yale 1995-96 Princeton University
Bruntland, Dr. Gro Harlem Environmental Challenges of the 1990s Our Responsibility to ward Future Generations Cambridge 1990-91 Norwegian Storting
Bulger, Roger On Hippocrates, Thomas Jefferson the Bureaucratic, Technologic Imperatives and the Future of the Healing Tradition in a Voluntary Society and Max Weber Cambridge 1986-87 Univ. of Texas Health Science Center, Houston
Burkert, Walter Revealing Nature amidst Multiple Cultures: A Discourse with Ancient Greeks Michigan 1998-99 University of Zurich
Burnyeat, Myles Culture and Society in Plato's Republic Harvard 1997-98 All Souls College, Oxford
Butler, Judith "Interpreting Non-Violence" Yale 2015-16 University of California, Berkeley
Calhoun, Craig The Problematic Public: Revisiting Dewey, Arendt, and Habermas Michigan 2012-2013 London School of Economics
Cavell, Stanley The Uncanniness of the Ordinary Stanford 1985-86 Harvard University
Chakrabarti, Shami Human Rights as Human Values Oxford 2013-14 Director of Liberty
Chakrabarty, Dipesh The Human Condition of the Anthropocene Yale 2014-15 University of Chicago
Cheney, Dorothy Why Animals Don’t Have Language Cambridge 1996-97 University of Pennsylvania
Clark, T. J. Painting and Ground Level Princeton 2002 University of California, Berkeley
Coetzee, John M. The Lives of Animals Princeton 1997-98 University of Cape Town, So. Africa
Cohen, Gerald Incentives, Inequality, and Community Stanford 1990-91 All Souls College, Oxford

Coles, Robert

Coomaraswamy, Radhika

Children as Moral Observers

Reinventing Truth and Compassion: Humanism, Human Rights, and Humanitarianism in the Aftermath of September 11, 2001





Harvard University

United Nations

Cooper, John

Ancient Philosophies as a Way of Life



Princeton University

Coyle, Diane

The Public Responsibility of the Economist

Part 1: Dr. Frankenstein, I Presume?
Part 2: Why is economics special?

Brasenose College


University of Manchester


Dahl, Robert A. The Pseudodemocratization of the American Presidency Harvard 1987-88 Yale University
Damasio, Antonio Exploring the Minded Brain Michigan 1997-98 University of Iowa
Danner, Mark Torture and the Forever War Stanford 2010 UC Berkeley
Daston, Lorraine I. The Morality of Natural Orders
II. Nature's Customs vs. Nature's Laws
Harvard 2002 Max Planck Institute and Humboldt University, Berlin
Davies, Robertson Reading and Writing Yale 1990-91 Canada
Davis, David Brion Exiles, Exodus, and Promised Lands Stanford 2006 Yale University
Dawkins, Richard I. The Science of Religion
II. The Religion of Science
Harvard 2003 University of Oxford
Dasgupta,Partha No manuscript available Michigan 2000-01  
deBary, William Theodore The Trouble with Confucianism California 1987-88 Columbia University
deGrasse Tyson, Neil Science as a Way of Knowing Utah 2013-14 Hayden Planetarium 
Dennett, Daniel The Moral First Aid Manual Michigan 1986-87 Tufts University
de Waal, Frans B.M. Morality and the Social Instincts Princeton 2003 Emory University
Diamond, Jared The Broadest Pattern of Human History Utah 1991-92 UCLA
Diamond, Jared Ecological Collapses of Pre-industrial Societies Stanford 1999-00 UCLA
Duflo, Esther Human Values and the Design of the Fight against Poverty Harvard 2011-12 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dyson, Freeman Bombs and Poetry Oxford 1981-82 Institute for Advanced Study
Eco, Umberto Interpretation and Overinterpretation: World, History, Texts Cambridge 1989-90  
Edelman, Marian Wright Standing for Children UC San Franscisco 1996-97 Founder & President of Children's Defense Fund
Eisenstadt, S. N. Cultural Tradition, Historical Experience, and Social Change: The Limits of Convergence California 1988-89 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Elster, Jon Taming Chance: Randomization in Individual and Social Decisions Oxford 1986-87 University of Oslo
Farmer, Paul Never Again? Reflections on Human Values and Human Rights Utah 2005 Founding Director, Partners in Health charity, Harvard Medical School
Fassin, Didier "The Will to Punish" Berkeley 2015-16 Princeton University, Institute for Advanced Study
Fehr, Ernst The Psychology and Economics of Authority Cambridge 2011-12 University of Zurich
Fei, Xiaotong Plurality and Unity in the Configuration of the Chinese People Chinese Univeristy 1988-89 Peking University
Feinberg, Joel Voluntary Euthanasia and the Inalienable Right to Life Michigan 1976-77 University of Arizona
Foucault, Michel Omnes et Singulatim: Towards a Criticism of ‘Political Reason’ Stanford 1979-80 College de France
Frankfurt, Harry I. Taking Ourselves Seriously
II. Getting it Right
Stanford 2004 Princeton University (Emeritus)
Fraser, Nancy Social Justice in the Age of Identity Politics: Redistribution, Recognition, and Participation Stanford 1995-96 New School for Social Research
Frayling, Sir Christopher Art and Religion in the Modern West: Some Perspectives Cambridge 2009 Royal College of Art (Emeritus)
Fried, Charles Is Liberty Possible? Stanford 1980-81 Harvard University
Fried, Michael Roger Fry's Formalism Michigan 2001 Johns Hopkins University
Fuentes, Carlos A Writer from Mexico Utah 1982-83 Princeton University
Fukuyama, Francis Social Capital Oxford 1996-97 George Mason University
Galison, Peter Science, Secrecy, and the Private Self Cambridge 2014-15 Harvard University
Gardner, Howard What is Good Work? Achieving Good Work in Turbulent Times Utah 2008 Harvard University
Gauthier, David The Incompleat Egoist Stanford 1982-83 University of Pittsburgh
Gay, Peter The Living Enlightenment Toronto 1996-97  
Geertz, Clifford The Uses of Diversity Michigan 1985-86 Institute for Advanced Study
Gellner, Ernest The Civil and the Sacred Harvard 1989-90  
Gibbard, Allan Thinking How to Live with Each Other UC Berkeley 2006 University of Michigan
Gilligan, Carol Joining the Resistance:Psychology, Politics, Girls, and Women Michigan 1989-90 Harvard University
Gilroy, Paul The Black Atlantic and the Re-enchantment of Humanism Yale 2013-14 King's College London
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader A Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg Michigan 2014-15 U.S. Supreme Court
Ginzburg, Carlo Casuistry, For and Against: Pascal's Provinciales and Their Aftermath Harvard 2014-15 UCLA
Glover, Jonathan Towards Humanism in Psychiatry Princeton 2003 King's College, London
Gordimer, Nadine The Essential Gesture: Writers and Responsibility Michigan 1984-85 South Africa
Gould, Stephen J. Challenges to Neo- Darwinism and Their Meaning for a Revised View of Human Consciousness Stanford 1988-89 Harvard University

Greenblatt, Stephen


Shakespeare and the Shape of a Life: The Uses of Life Stories Princeton 2011-12 Harvard University

Gregory, Derek

"Reach for the Sky: Aerial Violence and the Everywhere War" Clare Hall 2015-16 University of British Columbia
Gutmann, Amy Responding to Racial Injustice Stanford 1994-95 Princeton University
Habermas, Jurgen Law and Morality Harvard 1986-87 Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, West Germany
Hampshire, Stuart Justice Is Conflict: The Soul and the City Harvard 1996-97 Stanford University
Hare, R. M. Moral Conflicts Utah State 1978-79 Oxford University
Hartman, Geoffrey Text and Spirit Utah 1998-99 Yale University
Hauser, Marc The Seeds of Humanity Princeton 2008 Harvard University
Herman, Barbara Moral Literacy Stanford 1996-97 Univ. of California, Los Angeles
Hill Jr., Thomas E. Respect for Humanity Stanford 1993-94 University of North Carolina
Hill, Christopher The Bible in Seventeenth-Century English Politics Michigan 1991-92 Oxford University
Hill, Geoffrey Rhetorics of Value Oxford 1999-00 Boston University
Hirschman, Albert Two Hundred Years of Reactionary Rhetoric: The Case of the Perverse Effect Michigan 1987-88 Institute of Advanced Study
Hoffmann, Stanley The Nation, Nationalism, and After: The Case of France Princeton 1992-93 Harvard University
Honneth, Axel Reification: A Recognition-Theoretica View UC Berkeley 2005 Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität, Frankfurt, Germany
Hourani, Albert Islam in European Thought Cambridge 1988-89 Oxford University
Howard, A. E. Dick* Toward the Open Society in Central and Eastern Europe Utah 1993-94 University of Virginia
Howe, Irving The Self and the State Princeton 1989-90  
Hrdy, Sarah The Past, Present, and Future of the Human Family Utah 2000-01 University of California, Davis
Hudson, Liam The Life of the Mind Yale 1996-97 Balas Copartnership, United Kingdom
Ignatieff, Michael I. Human Rights as Politics
II. Human Rights as Idolatry
Princeton 1999-00 Free Lance Writer
Ignatieff, Michael Representation and Responsibility: Ethics and Public Office Oxford 2012-13 Writer; Harvard Kennedy School
Illes, Judy Medicine, Neruoscience, Ethics, and Society Cambridge 2007 University of British Columbia
Jardine, Lisa What's Left of Culture and Society? Cambridge 2008 University of London
Jardine, Lisa The Two Cultures: Still Under Consideration Yale 2011-12 University of London
Kamm, F.M.

 Lecture 1: Who Turned the Trolley? 

 Lecture 2: How Was the Trolley Turned?

UC Berkeley 2012-13 Harvard University
Keller, Evelyn Fox Rethinking the Meaning of Genetic Determinism Utah 1992-93 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kennedy, David M. The Dilemma of Difference in Democratic Society Oxford 2003 Stanford University
Kentridge, Sir Sydney QC Human Rights: A Sense of Proportion Oxford 2001-01 Britain
Kermode, Sir Frank Pleasure, Change, and the Canon UC Berkeley 2001 University College, London, Ret.
Kleinman, Arthur Experience and Its Moral Modes: Culture, Human Conditions, and Disorder Stanford 1997-98 Harvard Medical School
Koerner, Joseph The Viennese Interior: Architecture & Awareness Cambridge 2012-13 Harvard University
Kohl, Helmut   UC Berkeley 1991-92 Germany
Kolakowski, Leszek The Death of Utopia Reconsidered Australian National 1981-82 Oxford University
Kornai, János I. Market Socialism Revisited
I I. The Soviet Union’s Road to a Free Economy: Comments of an Outside Observer
Stanford 1989-90 Harvard University
Korsgaard, Christine The Sources of Normativity Cambridge 1992-93 Harvard University

Korsgaard, Christine

Kraut, Richard

Fellow Creatures: Kantian Ethics and Our Duties to Animals

Oyster and Experience Machines: Two Puzzles in Value Theory



Harvard University


Northwestern University

Landon, H. C. Robbins Haydn and Eighteenth-Century Patronage in Austria and Hungary Cambridge 1982-83 University College Cardiff
Lanzmann, Claude Resurrections Paris, France 2012-13 Director
Latour, Bruno How Better to Register the Agency of Things Yale 2013-14 Sciences Po, Paris
Lear, Jonathan To Become Human Does Not Come That Easily Harvard 2009 University of Chicago
Lear, Jonathan Happiness Cambridge 1999-00 University of Chicago
Lee, Spike America through My Lens: The Evolving Nature of Race and Class in the Films of Spike Lee Utah 2010 New York University
Lemann, Nicholas The Transaction Society: Origins and Consequences Stanford 2013-14 Columbia University
Lepenies, Wolf The End of “German Culture” Harvard 1999-00 Olden Lane
Lewis, Bernard Europe and Islam Oxford 1989-90 Princeton University
Lewontin, Richard Biological Determinism Utah 1981-82 Harvard University
Luttwak, Edward Nicolare Strategy: A New Era? Yale 1989-90 Georgetown University
MacIntyre, Alasdair Truthfulness, Lies, and Moral Philosophers: What Can We Learn from Mill and Kant? Princeton 1994-95 Duke University
Maguire, Mairead Corrigan Peacemaking from the Grassroots in a World of Ethnic Conflict UC Riverside 1995-96 Belfast, Northern Ireland
Margalit, Avishai I. Indecent Compromise II. Decent Peace Stanford 2005 Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Marshall, Margaret H. Tension and Intentions: The American Constitutions and the Shaping of Democracies Abroad Utah 2006 Chief Justice, Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

Meyer, Leonard B.

Music and Ideology in the Nineteenth Century



University of Pennsylvania

Mills, Charles W.

Theorizing Racial Justice: Charles Mills' 2020 University of Michigan Tanner Lecture
(Draft version; full version forthcoming in vol. 40)

Michigan 2019-20 City University of New York 
Miller, David Global Justice and Climate Change: How Should Responsibilities Be Distributed? Tsinghua University 2008 Oxford
Mischel, Walter Overcoming the Weakness of the Will Michigan 2013-14 Columbia University
Montgomery, David N. Citizenship and Justice in the Lives and Thoughts of Nineteenth-Century American Workers Oxford 1990-91 Yale University
Moore, Barrington Authority and Inequality under Capitalism and Socialism Oxford 1984-85 Harvard University
Morris, Ian Human Values in the Very Long Run Princeton 2012-13 Stanford University
Morrison, Toni Unspeakable Things Unspoken: The Afro-American Presence in American Literature Michigan 1988-89 State University of New York, Albany
Muguerza, Javier The Alternative of Dissent Madrid 1987-88 Inst. of Philosophy of the Superior Council of Scientific Investigations, Madrid
Mukherjee, Siddhartha "The Gene: An Intimate History" Utah 2015-16 Columbia University 
Nagel, Thomas The Limits of Objectivity Stanford 1977-78 Princeton University
Nehamas, Alexander A Promise of Happiness: The Place of Beauty in a World of Art Yale 2000-01 Princeton University
Neiman, Susan Victims and Heroes Michigan 2010 Einstein Forum, Berlin
Newberger Goldstein, Rebecca The Ancient Quarrel: Philosophy and Literature Yale 2011 Barnard College
Nozick, Robert Decisions of Principle, Principles of Decision Princeton 1991-92 Harvard University
Nussbaum, Martha C. - external link Beyond the Social Contract: Toward Global Justice Cambridge 2003 University of Chicago
Nusseibeh, Sari Philosophical Reflections on the Israeli-Palestinian War Harvard 2008 Birzeit University
O'Neill, Onora Kant on Reason and Religion Harvard 1995-96 Newham College, Cambridge
Ostrom, Elinor Lecture I. Frameworks
Lecture II. Analyzing One-Hundret-Year-Old Irrigation Puzzles
Stanford 2011 Indiana University, Bloomington
Pagels, Elaine The Origin of Satan in Christian Tradition Utah 1996-97 Princeton University
Parfit, Derek What We Could Rationally Will UC Berkeley 2002 All Souls College, Oxford
Passmore, John A. The Representative Arts as a Source of Truth Cambridge 1980-81 Australian National University
Patterson, Annabel Pandors's Boxes Berkeley 2008 Yale
Paz, Octavio Poetry and Modernity Utah 1989-90 Mexico City
Penrose, Sir Roger Space-time and Cosmology Cambridge 1994-95 Oxford Mathematics Institute
Pettit, Philip

Lecture 1: From Language to Commitment 

Lecture 2: From Commitment to Responsibility

UC Berkeley 2014-15 Princeton University
Pinker, Stephen The Blank Slate, the Noble Savage, and the Ghost in the Machine Yale 1998-99 MIT
Pinsky, Robert American Culture and the Voice of Poetry Princeton 2000-01 Boston University
Pocock, John G. A. Edward Gibbon in History: Aspects of the Text in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Yale 1988-89 Johns Hopkins University
Popper, Sir Karl Three Worlds Michigan 1977-78 University of London
Posner, Richard Euthanasia and Health Care: Two Essays on the Policy Dilemmas of Aging and Old Age Yale 1994-95 United States Court of Appeals
Post, Robert

Representative Democracy: The Constitutional Theory of Campaign Finance Reform


Harvard 2012-13 Yale Law School 
Prigogine, Ilya Only an Illusion Jawaharlal Nehru University 1982-83 University of Brussels
Putnam, Robert American Grace Princeton 2010 Harvard University
Quinton, Lord The Varieties of Value Warshaw 1987-88 London
Rashid, Ahmed Afghanistan and Pakistan: Past Mistakes, Future Directions? Oxford 2010 Journalist, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Rawls, John The Basic Liberties and Their Priority Oxford 1977-78 Harvard University
Raz, Joseph The Practice of Value UC Berkeley 2000-01 Oxford University
Reichl, Ruth Why Food Matters Yale 2005 Editor in Chief, Gourmet Magazine
Relman, Arnold S. Medicine as a Profession and a Business Utah 1985-86 New England Journal of Medicine

Richardson, William C.

Roberts, Dorothy

Reconceiving Health Care to Improve Quality

The Ethics of Biosocial Science
Lecture I: The Old Biosocial and the Legacy of the Unethical Science
Lecture II: The New Biosocial and the Ethical Future of Science
UC Santa Barbara


W. K. Kellogg Foundation (postponed to 2001)

University of Pennsylvania

Robinson, Joan The Arms Race Utah 1980-81 Cambridge University
Robinson, Mary I. Human Rights and Ethical Globalization
II. The Challenge of Human Rights Protection in Africa
Stanford 2003 United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights
Rorty, Richard Feminism and Pragmatism Michigan 1990-91 University of Virginia
Rosen, Charles Tradition without Convention: The Impossible Nineteenth-Century Project Utah 1999-00  
Rushdie, Salman Step Across This Line Yale 2002 Award-Winning Author
Sachs, Jeffrey* Shock Therapy in Poland: Perspectives of Five Years
*Howard, Sachs, & Adam Zagajewski, shared lectureship and honorarium at Utah in 1993-94.
Utah 1993-94 Harvard University
Sagdeev, Roald Science and Revolutions Oxford 1991-92 University of Maryland
Sahlins, Marshall Hierarchy, Equality, and the Sublimation of Anarchy: the Western Illusion of Human Nature Michigan 2005 University of Chicago
Sandel, Michael J. What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets Oxford 1997-98 Harvard University
Sandel, Michael J.  The Moral Economy of Speculation: Gambling, Finance, and the Common Good Utah 2012-13 Harvard University
Sands, Phillipe The Great Crimes: The Quest for Justice Among Individuals and Groups Cambridge 2013-14 UCL Laws
Santner, Eric The Weight of All Flesh: On the Subject Matter of Political Economy UC Berkeley 2013-14 University of Chicago
Scalia, Antonin Common-Law Courts in a Civil-Law System: The Role of United States Federal Courts in Interpreting the Constitution and Laws Princeton 1994-95 U.S. Supreme Court
Scanlon, Thomas The Status of Well-Being Michigan 1996-97 Harvard University
Scanlon, Thomas M. The Significance of Choice Oxford 1985-86 Harvard University
Scarry, Elaine On Beauty and Being Just Yale 1997-98 Harvard University
Schama, Simon No manuscript available Harvard 2000-01 Columbia University
Scheffler, Samuel

Lecture 1: How People Who Don't Yet Exist Matter More to Us than People Who Do

Lecture 2: How the Present Depends the Future

UC Berkeley 2011-12 New York University
Schelling, Thomas C. Ethics, Law, and the Exercise of Self-Command Michigan 1981-82 Harvard University
Schmidt, Helmut The Future of the Atlantic Alliance Utah 1983-84 Former Chancellor, West Germany
Schuller, Gunther I. Jazz: A Historical Perspective
II. Duke Ellington
III. Charles Mingus
Cambridge 1995-96 Newton Center, Massachusetts
Scott, James Four Domestications: Fire, Plants, Animals, and… Us Harvard 2011 Yale University
Seligman, Martin Flourish: Positive Psychology and Positive Interventions Michigan 2010 University of Pennsylvania
Sen, Amartya Equality of What? Stanford 1978-79 Harvard University
Sen, Amartya K. The Standard of Living Cambridge 1984-85 Oxford University

Shiffrin, Seana

Lecture I: Democratic Law

Lecture II: Common and Constitutional Law: A Democratic Legal Perspective

Berkeley 2016-17 UCLA
Shklar, Judith N. American Citizenship: The Quest for Inclusion Utah 1988-89 Harvard University
Skyrms, Brian Evolution and the Social Contract Michigan 2007 University of California, Irvine
Simon, Herbert Scientific Literacy as a Goal in a High - Technology Society Michigan 1983-84 Carnegie-Mellon University
Singer, Peter From Moral Neutrality to Effective Altruism: The Changing Scope and Significance of Moral Philosophy Oxford 2013-14 Princeton University
Skinner, Quentin The Paradoxes of Political Liberty Harvard 1983-84 Cambridge University
Slabbert, F. Van Zyl The Dynamics of Reform and Revolt in Current South Africa Oxford 1987-88 South Africa
Slote, Michael Moderation, Rationality, and Virtue Stanford 1984-85 University of Maryland
Slynn, Lord of Hadley Law and Culture – A European Setting Oxford 1993-94 House of Lords
Smith, Susan J. Care-full Markets: Miracle or Mirage? Cambridge 2010 Girton College, Cambridge
Snyder, Solomon H. Drugs and the Brain and Society Hebrew University 1980-81 Johns Hopkins
Solomon, Andrew Love, Acceptance, Celebration: How Parents Make Their Children Utah 2013-14 Columbia University
Solow, Robert Welfare and Work Princeton 1996-97 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Spence, Jonathan Ideas of Power: China’s Empire in the Eighteenth Century and Today Utah 1997-98 Yale University
Stegner, Wallace The Twilight of Self-Reliance: Frontier Values and Contemporary America Utah 1979-80 Los Altos Hills, California
Stern, Fritz I. Mendacity Enforced: Europe, 1914-1989
II. Freedom and Its Discontents: Postunification Germany
Yale 1992-93 Columbia University
Stigler, George Economics or Ethics? Harvard 1979-80 University of Chicago
Stone, Alan Psychiatry and Morality Stanford 1981-82 Harvard University
Stone, Lawrence Family Values in a Historical Perspective Harvard 1993-94 Princeton University
Striker, Gisela Greek Ethics and Moral Theory Stanford 1986-87 Philsophisches Seminar der Georg-August Universitat & Columbia Univ.
Stroud, Barry The Study of Human Nature and the Subjectivity of Value Buenos Aries 1987-88 University of California, Berkeley
Sullivan, Kathleen No manuscript available Harvard 2001-02 Stanford University
Sunstein, Cass R. Political Conflict and Legal Agreement Harvard 1994-95 University of Chicago Law School
Suzman, Janet Who Needs Parables? Oxford 1994-95 South Africa
Taylor, Charles Modernity and the Rise of the Public Sphere Stanford 1991-92 McGill University
Thomson, Judith Jarvis Goodness and Advice Princeton 1998-99 MIT
Tomasello, Michael Origins of Human Cooperation Standford 2008 Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Toulmin, Stephen The Idol of Stability Cambridge 1997-98 University of Southern California
Tribe, Laurence H. On Reading the Constitution Utah 1986-87 Harvard University
Tribe, Laurence H. The Constitution in Crisis Oxford 2002 Harvard University
Vendler, Helen H. Poetry and the Mediation of Value: Whitman on Lincoln Michigan 1999-00 Harvard University
Verba, Sidney Representative Democracy and Democratic Citizens: Philosophical and Empirical Understandings Oxford 1998-99 Harvard University

Verghese, Abraham

Verveer, MeLanne

Two Souls Intertwined

A Gendered Approach to Peace Building





Stanford University

Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security

Viola, Bill Presence and Absence Utah 2007 Artist
Von Wright, Georg Henrik Of Human Freedom Helsinki 1983-84  
Waldron, Jeremy Dignity, Rank and Rights UC Berleley 2009 New York University
Walzer, Michael Interpretation and Social Criticism Harvard 1985-86 Institute for Advanced Study
Walzer, Michael Nation and Universe Oxford 1988-89 Institute for Advanced Study
Warner, Marina Spirit Visions Yale 1999-00  
White, Richard The Problem with Purity UC Davis 1998-99 Stanford University

Williams, Rowan


Lecture 1: The Other as Myself: Empathy and Power

Lecture 2: Myself as Stranger: Empathy and Loss

Harvard 2013-14 Archbishop of Canterbury 

WIlliams, Honorable Shirley

"The Value of Europe and European Values"

Oxford 2015-16 House of Lords
Wills, Garry L. Henry Adams: The Historian as a Novelist Yale 2003 Northwestern University
Wilson, Edward O. Comparative Social Theory Michigan 1978-79 Harvard University
Wilson, James Q. I. Politics and Polarization
II. Religion and Polarization
Harvard 2005 Pepperdine University
Wilson, William Julius The New Urban Poverty and the Problem of Race Michigan 1993-94 University of Chicago
Wolf, Susan Meaning in Life and Why It Matters Princeton 2007 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Zagajewski, Adam* A Bus Full of Prophets: Adventures of the Eastern-European Intelligentsia
*Howard, Sachs, & Adam Zagajewski, shared lectureship and honorarium at Utah in 1993-94.
Utah 1993-94 Paris
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